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Saving the lives of homeless animals
through Adoptions, Rescue, Education, Care, and Housing

Tallahassee/Leon County, Florida   Office: 850.668.1004

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Become a foster for a loving pet!

Open your home to a dog or cat and provide attention and a temporary place to live until a permanent home can be found. If you cannot give a forever home to a pet right now, this is a great way to enjoy some love and good company without making a permanent commitment.

Why are foster homes needed?

Foster homes can provide a dog or cat a place to live when the sanctuary is at capacity

Some dogs and cats are frightened or may be injured or ill and need special or individual attention for a while until adoption

Some dogs and cats need special attention and training before adoption

Some dogs or cats may not get along with other dogs/cats and need a less stressful community environment than the sanctuary

What are the roles and responsibilities of a pet foster?

Provide dogs and cats with loving attention, proper care, housing, food and water

Keep dogs on a leash, in a secured area and safe from the elements and harm

Keep cats inside at all times

Keep all shots, heartworm, flea and tick preventative treatment current

Get to know the dog or cat to help our organization provide details of their personality and needs to prospective adopters

Some dogs and cats need socialization and training. Some shy or timid dogs and cats need a quiet environment and time to learn to trust people

How long will the dog/cat need fostering?

The time will vary depending on the speed of finding an adoptive home. If that period is longer than expected/acceptable to the foster, the dog/cat can be moved to the sanctuary or another foster as soon as possible. The time period is flexible.

How will ECAH provide support?

Provide financial support for the medical expenses, and, if needed, other expenses

Help you set up and will always be available to answer questions and more

Concerned it will be difficult to give up your foster pet?

Of course, if you can and want to adopt your foster pet, that is always an option, and we want to see all our pets in foster care stay with the person(s) they have come to love and trust. But if your circumstances do not make that possible, and you need to return your foster pet to us, you will always know that you made it possible for this pet to transition to a permanent home. Your foster pet will always remember, love, and thank you for your help.

What is the next step?

Complete a fostering application and agreement, and if you are in a good position to foster, we will get you set up and started.

Foster Care Application and Agreement
(form will open in a seperate window)

Please fill out the application above and mail to:

ECAH Animals, Inc
PO Box 10250
Tallahassee, FL 32302


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